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Identify, investigate, and solve the problem. At the heart of any creative process are these three simple steps. MANARCH architectural company was established in April 2017, setting a basic action plan for this sequence. Despite the variations in the methods of its solutions in architecture, interior and urban planning, in all cases, the value that the company attaches to man and the environment remains consistent. We believe that the environment in which a person lives has a definite effect on his formation. Architecture as a unique tool can positively impact the appearance of individuals or communities in the broadest sense.

We shape , which shapes us.
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Ilgar Manafsoy

Founder & Senior architect

Ahmad Namazli

Concept architect & Partner

Rahima Rustamli

Architect & Interior Designer

Salima Ismayilova

Account Manager

Farid Mirzayev

Visual Artist

Ujal Gorchu

Concept Architect

Ziya Ahmadli

Intern Architect

Zarif Muslimzade

Interior Designer

Yuliya Shatalina

Office Manager



7/24 support
Nariman Narimanov ave 127, Baku, Azerbaijan
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You can send your CV to info@manarch.org under the heading “Vacancies” so that we can contact you.