The area of 900 sqm is directed to the sea from the north and north-east. But since the three sides are surrounded by datcha houses, the view can only be provided from the 2nd-floor level. The narrow post office concept on the relief will help you to get the theatrical view effect from home to yard slopes. Large terraces and flat stairs are essential in the drought climate.
The importance of a courtyard for a datcha house is very high in Absheron. This can be seen in the phrase: “garden house”, that is, the house of the garden; It was a prerequisite for us to reduce the area to the extent possible, to ensure the dominant role of the garden. Choosing white as the main color of the facade, it also visually puts its structure in a neutral position. Due to the drought and abundance of sunny Absheron climate, the white coat helps to maintain coolness in the interior.
Placement of buildings in the premises serves the principles of favorable shade and sunshade, minimization of the carriageway, privatization for optimum pedestrian circulation, and pool zone. Entering the yard, sitting in the center of the pool itself creates the privatization of the pool zone. The circular summer kitchen along the southern fence of the courtyard, the pavilion, and the kitchen of the house create very high circulation in daily life and placed at a minimum distance to one another.